end of the round! :)


  Hi there! Thanks for your entries! They're from: MAKY.OREL (3!), Babunka (3!), Jen (2), Amber, Gemzy and Heidi. Check out if your entries arrived (please)! :) Sorry for no updating by the way. Awards will be soon.

And new affiliate again: Bunni!

Bye! :)

your Clare

update! :)


Hi there! Okaay. First update this round. Thanks to you all for entries! :) They're from Ashlei, Heidi (2), Gemzy (2), Gerty (2), Kelly, Jenn and Kati (4!!). So thanks again! :)

here's AOTR from the last round:

Also new affiliate: Cher!

Keep entering! :)

your Clare

round 12!


Hi! I am more surprised then you are. :D Anyway new challenges are here (also winners and other stuff)! Featuring Dianna Agron (on layout), Tom Hiddleston, Rupert Grint and Famke Janssen! Hope you'll enjoy them!

AOTR will be posted soon (I hope :D)

So...Keep entering! :)

your Clare